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In the News

  • 06/01/2018

    June 1, 2018 - SolAqua loaded 300 of their 3'x7' Solar Flat Plate Collectors into a 40' container bound for South Korea

  • 05/17/2018

    May 17, 2018 - Above All Boilers Services, a Southern California Solar Thermal Installer, picked up their order of 21 - 4x10H Flat Plate Collectors and SolAqua's racking systems for a large apartment complex in Pacific Beach. The order was placed and filled in a timely fashion. Wendelyn Walker, VP Sales, assisted met all deadlines in meeting the customers needs. This is the second order for Above All Boilers and their successful partnership with SolAqua has been profitable for both entities.

  • 04/16/2018

    April 16, 2018 - SolAqua shipped their largest container order (176 of their 4x10H Flat Plate Collectors) to Los Angeles top solar thermal installers. The collectors were received by the first week of May. The customer is extremely impressed with the quality, and value as well as the efficiency of service that VP of Sales, Wendelyn Walker provided. All deadlines were met and negotiations for subsequent containers orders are in process.

  • 03/23/2018

    March 23, 2018 – The Government of Dubai issued Sun Heating (dba SolAqua) the DCL certificate. A third party assessed and issued that SolAqua Thermal Solar Systems, Components and Collectors not only meet but surpass the DCL product conformity requirements.

  • 02/01/2018

    February 1, 2018 Sol-Aqua a solar hot water heating systems manufacturer received structural certifications for 4 of its mounting systems. The review and certifications were issued by Structural Enginuity Inc., a prestigious structural engineering firm in the USA.

    Wendelyn Walker, SolAqua's VP Sales stated..."Now with 4 mounting systems structurally certified in 3 target market US States, we can guarantee our collectors and racking systems will meet all the required building codes. SolAqua has met all the various US and International testing agency requirements and our solar hot water heating flat plate collectors rank as one of the highest efficient collectors and systems in the world. Our competitive prices, certifications, high rebates and warranties make us tops in the industry and the best choice!"

    Please check out our website: and contact Wendelyn Walker for more information and pricing 760.625.0664 or

  • 01/01/2018

    January, 2018, Sol-Aqua a solar hot water heating systems manufacturer received structural certifications for 4 of its mounting systems. The review and certifications were issued by Structural Enginuity Inc., a structural engineering firm.

    Wendelyn Walker, SolAqua's VP Sales stated... "We are excited that certification letters have been issued for our Sol-Aqua Racking System including the SolAqua Flush Mounted Racking system, the Quick Mount PV QBlock Mount System, and the Quick Mount PV TRM System for use with SnapNrack Series 100 Roof Mount System. Our solar hot water heating flat plate collectors are the highest ranking in efficiency and standards from various US and International testing agencies. We are now ready to penetrate the Florida market. This is a great accomplishment and our product materials, craftsmanship, and warranties make us stand apart from our competitors."

  • 12/01/2017

    USA/China – December 2017, SolAqua was issued the Abu Dhabi TrustMark Certification of Conformity for their Solar Hot Water Systems.

    SolAqua's solar hot water heating systems and collectors, model SHT2000A and SHT4x10H went through rigorous testing for six (6) month's earning a certificate of conformity from the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council.

    SolAqua was ranked #1 by Abu Dhabi's standards with a collector efficiency of 79% and energy produced between 1214-1311 hWh/m2. Our closest competitor from Austria has an efficiency of 77% and energy produced between 954-977.

    Wendelyn Walker, SolAqua's VP Sales stated... "We are proud to have such a high ranking from various international testing agencies. This is a great accomplishment and our product materials, craftsmanship, and warranties make us stand apart from our competitors."

  • 07/19/2017

    China (July 19, 2017) SolAqua shipped the first part of their 560- piece custom solar thermal flat plate collector order to South Korea's largest solar thermal company. These collectors will be used in commercial applications throughout South Korea. The second part of the order (280-pieces) will subsequently be shipped on July 31st. SolAqua's highly efficient customer service team worked diligently to meet and exceed the clients' expectations and completed the order 15 days before the due date. Well Done!

  • 02/09/2017

    SolAqua, Inc. becomes newest CALSEIA member.

    SACRAMENTO - SolAqua has become the newest member of the nation's largest state solar power trade association, the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA).

    "We are proud to have SolAqua join CALSEIA to support its mission of expanding the use of clean, solar technologies throughout the state. CALSEIA members are recognized as being true leaders in the California market as they promote high standards within the industry and advocate fair policies for solar consumers. We look forward to working closely with SolAqua in continuing this work," says Bernadette Del Chiaro, Executive Director of CALSEIA.

    SolAqua is a global leader in renewable energy solutions, offering a variety of commercial and residential solar water heating systems. Located in Palm Springs, California and part of the IHUB Accelerator Campus, SolAqua pioneered the solar hot water collector industry with their patented technology and fully automated production line. SolAqua is committed to providing the highest quality solar flat plate collectors and systems to installers, contractors, and distributors all over the world.

    SolAqua's VP of Sales, Wendelyn Walker, is excited to join CALSEIA and their team advocating for the continuation of solar thermal rebates in low income housing and disadvantaged communities throughout California. She believes that extending the CSI Thermal Rebate program to 2022 and passing AB2460 legislative bill is essential in growing the state's solar thermal market.

    Heating water in California homes and business accounts for 3% of total statewide greenhouse gas emissions. Solar thermal can effectively meet hot water needs in residential and commercial facilities from the pollution-free heat of the sun.

    SolAqua joins CALSEIA after being carefully vetted and approved through the association's application process, which ensures member companies adhere to industry best practices.

  • 10/23/2016

    China (October 23, 2016) SolAqua's CEO, Jeff Cheng, and CTO, Daniel Yang introduced our flat plate collector production line to a successful Chinese water tank manufacturer and exporter. The tanks they manufacture complement SolAqua's Thermosiphon System utilizing SolAqua's 3'x7' flat plate collector.

    Both companies positively working together will expand the Chinese market creating a win-win partnership. Their combined efforts and the tank manufacturers strong exporting relationships will successfully drive this system on the global market.

  • 10/20/2016

    China (October 20, 2016) SolAqua's President Xuefeng Yuan, CEO, Jeff Cheng, and the technical team hosted a meeting with one of the biggest project design and installation solar energy companies in South Korea.

    The meeting was successful and productive. SolAqua's 3'x7' flat plate collector will be a great addition to the South Korean Solar Market. The two Companies will work together over the next following months to obtain certifications needed for distribution in South Korea. More to follow!

  • 10/17/2016

    Palm Springs, Calif. (October 17, 2016) Palm Springs based company, SolAqua, is attending the Canton Fair in China from Oct. 15-19, 2016. For 60 years the Canton Fair has served as a platform for Chinese and international companies to enter the global market and boost trade between China and the world. This year, there are 24,553 exhibitors from China and abroad spanning 1.18 million square meters of exhibition space. SolAqua is proud to be exhibiting at the Fair (Booth #9.3C 23-24) for the first time and is experiencing great success here!

  • 09/21/2016

    SolAqua Returns to the Apartment Owners Association Show in Los Angeles

    Palm Springs, Calif. (September 21, 2016) –Today, SolAqua attended the Apartment Owners Association Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the third consecutive year.

    SolAqua, a Palm Springs-based solar water heating company, offers a variety of solar thermal systems ideal for both residential and commercial use.

    "It's great to be back at the Apartment Owners Association Show again this year," said SolAqua general manager, Rock Rothman. "Our systems are a great investment, especially in a commercial application like an apartment complex. Not only will companies be able to reduce their overhead costs, they will be making a commitment to an environmentally sustainable solution that pays for itself in just a few years."

    SolAqua offers customized commercial solar hot water systems that harness the power of the sun that help apartment owners reduce their energy bills.

    "We offer complimentary consultations so that we can customize a solar hot water solution that fits each client's needs," continued Rothman. "Just send us your gas bill and we'll evaluate what your needs are and show you how a solar thermal system can save money and increase the value of your property."

  • 09/13/2016

    SolAqua Showcases Patented Solar Thermal Technology at International Convention in Las Vegas

    Palm Springs, Calif. (September 18, 2016) On September 12-15, SolAqua attended Solar Power International (SPI), the largest solar trade show in North America, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    SPI brought 18,000 attendees and over 650 exhibitors together at the convention and offered a platform for solar companies to unveil new technology in this growing industry.

    "We are proud to attend SPI this year and showcase our products and explain how we stand apart from our competitors," said Rick Rothman, general manager of SolAqua. "Our solar hot water systems feature a patented design and leak-proof technology that offers our clients a more modern and efficient system that can reduce utility costs by up to 85 percent."

    SolAqua has expanded to a systems approach and had fantastic feedback from attendees at the convention.

    Please contact one of SolAqua's solar specialists at to learn more about solar thermal systems or how you can become a distributor.

  • 06/03/2016

  • 05/26/2016

    On May 20th, 2016, our first shipment from Ningbo port, China to Los Angeles has arrived at Palm Spring warehouse successfully. This shipment contains 189 pcs of flat plate solar collectors and a display sample of thermosyphon system. Our showroom is ready for your visit. Warmly welcome you to see our products!

  • 05/10/2016

  • 05/10/2016

  • 04/25/2016

    On April 25th, 2016, Regions of Climate Action (R20) of China's president Dr. Cheng Yufu, paid a visit to our factory. With the support of the United Nations, the R20, which is a nonprofit environmental organization, founded by the former Governor of California — Arnold Schwarzenegger in November 2010. Its mission is to help sub-national governments to implement low-carbon and climate-resilient projects, as well as to share best practices in renewable energy and energy efficiency, in order to build a 'green economy'.

    Dr. Cheng has more than 15 years of work experience in projects related to global climate change. Dr. Cheng with our CEO Jeff and CTO Daniel shared the development of research, education, standards and policies, capacity building and project development in the solar thermal field. Dr. Cheng spoke highly of our collectors and he hopes we can have long-term cooperation in the future.

  • 04/25/2016

    On April 24th, 2016, our first delivery to Los Angeles successfully shipped, which marks our company officially began to sale the world's leading solar thermal products.

    This is the first shipment since the establishment of Sun Heating Tec, Inc. All the staff of SHT are very proud of it. Together we will continue to work hard for SHT's better future.